Wa Rehandle Service


We offer a rehandling service where we remove existing "wa" style Japanese handles and install custom made or stock "wa" handles on Japanese stick tang constructed knives. Customers can purchase these handles from their own source, and then send the knife and handle to us for work, however please know that we do not accept handles for install from every handle maker.

Please email us for approval before sending in handles for install.


Since this is custom work we have found that the time to rehandle a knife varies greatly from one knife/handle to the next. Handles with metal or exotic spacer material, as well as working with some style knives (like deba & yanagi) and certain knifemakers' knives like Watanabe and Yoshikane/Kumaguro (who employ very large/wide/long tangs) add to the time to rehandle a knife and should be noted. A simple handle on a small knife could take as little as 1/2 hr while I routinely spend over an hour on larger knives.

Rehandle Fees

Base - $55-$65


*Estimates/Quotes will not be offered for this service*

Please see our "Mail Order Form" for mailing instructions.


By sending in your knives and handles you are agreeing to allow D&R Sharpening Solutions/JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com/JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com to modify your knife and/or handle as deemed necessary to complete the rehandle process and to pay the assessed fee(s), return shipping costs, and any required shipping insurance.

D&R Sharpening Solutions/JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com/JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com will not be responsible for the construction, condition, longevity, materials, or design of the handles provided to us either for sale and/or for rehandle service. D&R Sharpening Solutions/JapaneseKnifeSharpening.com/JapaneseKnifeSharpeningStore.com will not be responsible for damages to handles and/or knives or any loss of personal property that may occur during the rehandling process. 


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