Kitchen Knife Sharpening - Mail Order Form

Print these pages. Please ship this form and your payment (if applicable) with items to be sharpened.


     Kitchen Knive Types

  Regular Sharpening

(per inch)

Hand Sharpening

(per inch)

   Wide bevel

Hand Sharpening

   (per inch)          


Japanese Western Style/Double Bevel

(Gyuto, Nakiri, santoku, etc)



(Min - $40)
     (Min - $50)






Japanese Single Bevel (Traditional)      

(Yanagiba, Deba, Usuba, etc)


    N/A     $7
(Min - $55)




German. French, US, etc

(Min - $5) 
  N/A       N/A
     Meat/Bone Cleaver




    Special Services   

 Japanese "Wa" Style Handle Replacement  

(Labor Only)



Click Here for Details

 Japanese "western" Style 
Handle Replacement
  (Labor Only - Mosaic Pins & Wood are extra)


Resurface Damascus


      $50.00 +


Edge Nicks/Edge Repair       Depends on damage 








Regrind/Thin/Refinish - (This is for Double bevel Japanese Knives)
  (Email to see if your knife qualifies)




Broken Tip 





 SHIPPING INSURANCE - Indicate amount of coverage you require. None will be supplied if this is left blank.


 Prices shown above (including minimum charges) are per knife - NOT per order unless otherwise noted.


Please read our Mail Order Terms & Instructions before shipping tools to us for sharpening. By sending your tools to us you are agreeing to these terms and are responsible for any additional costs that may apply due to necessary repairs and/or parts replacement.





Your Information  
   Mailing Address  
    Email Address  


We accept Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, & USPS money orders. We DO NOT accept personal checks. Credit card payments can be made through Paypal without opening a Paypal account or made directly through us by phone or email.

If paying by money order please make payable to "David Martell" and include it with your shipment. Please include return shipping and any shipping insurance costs to avoid a delay in return shipment.

If paying by Paypal simply send the tools to us including the (filled out) order form and we will send you an invoice once the work is complete.

Similarly, if you're paying with Paypal and are uncertain as how to fill out the order forms, simply send the tools to us and we will fill it out for you. Then we will send you an invoice for the appropriate payment amount when the job is complete.




D&R Sharpening Solutions

Attn: Dave Martell

156 Highfield Rd

Airville, PA 17302



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